Summer Language Camp
"Travellers Around the World"

Our motto is:
"Travel and discover the world"

Rules and regulations:

Our Camp Song "Up, up, up"
It's great! Our camp starts!
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Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! Our camp starts! We are glad to meet our camp friends and ready to travel around the world. Our motto is: "Travel and discover the world". We are going to have fun and enjoy an unforgettable rest in our camp!






Welcome to England! We have learnt much interesting information about this country, watched a video about its mysteries and made a poster "For me England is... " Playing moving outdoor games is always fun!






Scotland... It was interesting to know about traditions of this country. We travelled around Scotland, made a lot of fun, played table games, went for a walk and watched cartoons "Peppa Pig".






Our day was devoted to Wales. We watched video about 10 top facts about Wales. We also had discussion club "What is Wales famous for...?" and made posters "Sights of Wales". They are really amazing. Playing outdoor activities is always cool! /Files/images/IMG_2752.JPG




It was a great day! We made a virtual journey to the Northern Ireland. We improved our English communicative and have known a lot about its traditions, people and culture. Besides, we were members of ecoaction "Take away a battery - save your health". Coming back to school, we played moving games in the park, had sport competitions and Fashion Show./Files/images/IMG_2778.JPG







Tourist's Day. Today we practiced our English language skills visiting all the fun tourist's attractions of our native town. This trip allowed us to explore the amazing sights of our Kamyanka such as the Museum to O. Pushkin and P. Tchaikoskiy, the Decembrist's Park, the Pushkin's Grotto in the Park and the Green Mill. We have learnt much interesting information about our town. It's really beautiful. We are proud of it!!!







It's a pity, but our camp is going to the end, we shouldn't be upset, because we are going to meet together next year. It was a great day today! We had a quest, played different games and got certificates after finishing our work. We're looking forward for the next summer!!!!!






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